Getting Ready for SWAP

What to do with all that old snow gear...

We are always thinking about our winter adventures. Start by clearing out the tubs and closets filled with winter apparel and accessories, then get the stuff ready for SWAP! 


FIRST: Find where you stashed your goggles, hats or boards and boots. Now for the hard part: Does it still fit? Does it fit my riding style and will I use it over the next two seasons?


1. Find a friend or relative that will use it or
2. Get it ready for the SWAP!


If your items fall under choice 2, clean it up, wash it per the instructions on the tag and put it in a safe place for swap.


The swap will be the weekend before Thanksgiving and registration will be Tuesday to Friday 10am to 6pm.


You do not need to have things for sale in the swap to shop at the swap.


You can list up to 18 items in the swap.


You can choose in-store credit, or a check less 20%.


All unsold item need to be picked up Sunday night by 6 pm or that Monday right after swap by 6pm or you can choose to donate them.